Travis Schultz
04 May 2014

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PHI, Lusatia Park Pinot Noir 2011

Having a bottle of the PHI Lusatia Park Pinot Noir 2011 fall into my hands courtesy of winning a bet with a mate (thanks Bloodlines), it was always going to have a certain sweetness on the palate.  But who could have guessed that such a highly perfumed nose could have carried such rose petal prettiness from the first sip through to a luxurious finale.

The PHI is the result of a partnership between the De Bertoli and Shelmerdine families who have hand cultivated single vineyards in Victoria’s Yarra Valley and allowed the aromatic Pinot Noir grapes to weave their unadulterated magic.  I happened to crack the PHI on a Sunday night when I had coincidentally concocted an Indian spiced lamb and spinach stirfry and it’s hard to imagine a better match – potpourian scents at the front and an aromatic cherry lusciousness across the middle.  The exposure to French Oak is understated to allow the gracefulness of the cool climate wine to carry the finish without a hint of self indulgence.

Good Pinot is seldom cheap and the PHI is no exception.  At close to $50 a bottle it’s not an everyday drinking proposition, but if you plan to have a wager with a mate over a game of football, this is as good as stake as you’ll find!

Price: About $50
Wine Category: Pinot Noir

Travis Schultz is a wine reviewer for the Sunshine Coast Daily and The Grape Hunter extend their thanks to the Sunshine Coast Daily for allowing re-publication of his reviews