Travis Schultz
22 June 2014

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Nanny Goat Vineyard, Pinot Noir 2012

I’ve often said that good Pinot isn’t cheap and that cheap Pinot isn’t good, but having recently tried the Nanny Goat Vineyard Pinot Noir 2012, I might have to modify my mantra!

At only $25 a bottle I wasn’t expecting anything above average, but the Nanny Goat certainly delivers well above its very reasonable price point.  In the glass, it’s bright and lively and there’s a surprising depth to the deep red rose colour that telegraphs an intensity of fruit beyond what would normally be expected.  Like most Central Otago Pinot, there’s an abundance of dark cherry flavours right across the palate, but also a richness and body that you’d normally find in a far more expensive wine.  I really enjoy the bramble and herbaceous edge that is evident across the mid palate and it’s impossible to fault the delicate burnt oak crescendo that arrives at the back shortly before seamlessly progressing to a silky lingering finale.

It’s made in a rather dry style, but with such body to the fruit, it’s equally suited to putting with gamey meat or vegetarian dishes, or just drinking it on its own!

Price: $25
Wine Category: Pinot Noir

Travis Schultz is a wine reviewer for the Sunshine Coast Daily and The Grape Hunter extend their thanks to the Sunshine Coast Daily for allowing re-publication of his reviews