Regan Drew
31 January 2015

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Knee Deep Wines, Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Ahhh, Savvy B....Sav Blonk....Sauvignon matter how you say it, wine afficiandoes will turn their nostrils up at the mention of it. So what's a winemaker to do? In France, the Loire Valley has Sancerre. These SBs are not the "cat's piss and asparagus" that flippantly describe what comes ubiquitlously from across the ditch.* These wines see time in oak barrels and often the wine sits ageing on its yeast lees which produce creamy, waxy complexities. 

Which brings us to Margaret River. If I have to buy a Sauv Blanc, I tend to dip into the Western Australia section for a good drop. I don't know why there's good consistency, it must be the salty brine coming in off the waves.

This SB has spent a little time in French Oak barriques (225 litres) to give the wine a slight fortification, rather than spending its maturation locked inside of a massive steel can. This is a winemaker who obviously cares (reading about winemakers who "care" and who age SB in oak reminds me of the scene in "Silence Of The Lambs" where Clarice Starling takes the Death's Head Moth retrieved from the preserved severed head of Buffalo Bill's victim to the lepidopterist for identification. Watch the film and you'll work it out.)

Aromas of light yoghurt and honey, green melon skin, lemon rind and cut green capsicum. On the palate: A touch grassy with fresh cut green capsicum, some sweet melon and green gooseberry. Enjoyable creamy fullness from thoughtful oak work. Finishes with zippy acidity. More in this style please!

Region: Wilyabrup, Margaret River 

Alc: 13%

* Disclaimer: There are some bloody fantastic Sauv Blanc's from New Zealand, I just wish the big supermarlet chains would stop producing tank farms of tasteless juice. It can be so much more .

Price: $22
Wine Category: Sauvignon Blanc
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