Stuart Robinson
27 February 2018

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Matriarch and Rogue, Rex Wild Riesling 2017

Seems appropriate that in the last throes of Summer there's still a bit of Riesling action happening. And boy what what a Riesling it is, Clare Valley Riesling on steroids. The lime is strong in this one: citrus, green apple a-plenty.
This has shape and a little texture. It’s not your regular "linear Larry”, having spread and line; the acidity is a veritable explosion, the way it blooms in the mouth and makes its way through the palate with a sense of urgency. 
Made to deliberately showcase how winemaking influences a variety such as Riesling. Typically made in stainless still, as per the “linear Larry” reference, yet here old oak and use of full solids have been adroitly used to give the wine the shape and texture, not sacrificing acidity.
Good length to finish off a multi-faceted wine.

Price: $28
Wine Category: Riesling
Rating: 93
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