Gilbert Labour
13 May 2018

The Natural Wine Co, Organic Sauvignon Blanc 2017

This offering from The Natural Wine Co, a collaboration of wine community professionals with Jason O'Dea [Windowrie Estate] as winemaker, is made from organically grown grapes with minimal additives and intervention.
The delicate melding of flavours provided by 3 different & independently fermented SB components, delivers a broad spectrum of primary fruit.
The flavours and aromas are in the straw / pineapple spectrum with wafts of dried herbs.
The influence of natural yeast, acid and 12% Alc allows for a smooth and mellow palate journey.
Very enjoyable and refreshing at the moment.

PS: Quirkily, the SB carries a red label whilst the Shiraz has a green label...enough to confuse this senior citizen.
Price: $18
Wine Category: Sauvignon Blanc
Cellar: Now
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