Gilbert Labour
06 November 2018

Robert Stein [Mudgee NSW], Dry Riesling 2018

This main-stream Robert Stein 2018 Riesling pushes all the appropriate varietal and regional buttons.The 5 Gold Medals and 4 Trophies [to date] are well-deserved and amply justified. 
Floral & citrus flavours leap to the fore.
A slight mid-palate of marzipan savouriness, zingy natural acidity and mouth-filling opulence of fruit all contribute to deliver yet another wine of high calibre, quality and longevity crafted by winekaker Jacob Stein.
A very enjoyable Riesling which offers current varietal freshness but will evolve with some cellaring.

Price: $30
Wine Category: Riesling
Cellar: Now to 8
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