Gilbert Labour
06 April 2019

Huntington Estate [Mudgee NSW], Barrel Fermented Chardonnay 2018

The Chardonnay grape variety was reputedly first introduced in the Mudgee area by Alf Kurtz from James Busby's original collection & has established itself over at least 40 years.
In that time it has navigated through various winemaking styles ranging from the big buxom fruit bombs to the current more restrained yet fulsome genre.
This 2018 Huntington Estate release has been judiciously crafted and massaged by owners / winemakers Tim and Nicky Stevens 
A deft combination of barrel picks, a component of wild yeast ferment & a mixture of new and aged French oak have resulted in a fresh, vibrant wine of some intrigue and interest.
The initial zingy acid and evident vanillin oak support a sub-frame of primary, palate-pleasing varietal characters.
These are well anchored in the melon / citrus spectrum.
The fruit primacy and power continue to unfurl and seduce on breathing.
It was a solid foil to our dish of lamb roast with creamy potato mash.
Price: $27
Wine Category: Chardonnay
Cellar: Now to 5 years
Winery Website: