Gilbert Labour
25 April 2019

Hastwell & Lightfoot [McLaren Vale SA], Montepulciano 2017

Some lesser-known Mediterranean grape varieties have been slowly but emphatically gaining traction on the Australian wine scene.
Amongst the reds, Sangiovese is now almost mainstream.
However others such as the Hastwell & Lightfoot Montepulciano and Tempranillo wines are making their own mark as credible varietals, as they seem to have found favourable terroir in McLaren Vale [SA]
Montepulciano is almost the workhorse of Central Italy and is enjoyed in various styles, either blended or as a stand-alone product.
This 2017 examplar from Hastwell & Lightfoot pours as deep ruby and opens up with a bitter cherry and mixed herbs front palate followed by an earthy, rustic and punchy fruit delivery.
There is ample astringent oak to support the sweet primacy and muscularity of the fruit component.
This puppy-like enthusiastic drop would provide an interesting varietal challenge at wine options games.
Would suit protein dishes such as venison, hare and earthy mushroom 

Price: $25
Wine Category: Other Red
Cellar: Now to 5 years
Winery Website: