Gilbert Labour
19 October 2019

Patina Wines, [Orange NSW], Jezza Bordeaux Blend 2016

The striking Patina label captures the eye and presages a wine of substance. However, it's hard to decipher the wine type, especially in the subdued atmosphere of dinner mood lighting.
This powerhouse Merlot dominant Bordeaux Blend style opens up with an olfactory assault of Cabernet Franc floralness. This teases the senses with lip-smacking anticipation.
It is a multi-layered, well-integrated "steel fist in a silk glove" fulsome red crafted with typical New World fruit muscularity...
The 75% Merlot mainframe gives warmth and roundness of palate whilst the Cabernet component adds tannic backbone and structure.
The 1% Petit Verdot contribution plumps up the mid-palate steeliness and the unctuous 14% Alc smoothly & seductively carry the fulsome fruit delivery on its long palate journey
The flagship Jezza brand is only released by Gerald Naef and team from exceptional vintages. Indeed it's only the third issue of that wine, following the 2003 & 2008 vintages
This 2016 Jezza is a multi-dimensional, aromatic, satisfying and intense Bordeaux Blend well deserving of its "Signature" tag.
It is more a food wine than a quaffer. Ours was enjoyed with a hearty slow-cooked beef hot-pot

Price: $65
Wine Category: Red Blends
Cellar: 3 - 8 years
Winery Website: