The Vindependent - Nick Butler
10 April 2020

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Vinelea, Petit Blanc Marsanne Roussanne 2018

My first experience of this wine, and the producer, was only a month ago, and I was so compelled by the frightening drinkability of this blend that I felt compelled to re-visit it. 

Its colour affirms its ripeness - rich yellow, tending more to golden. Wild honey; peaches; and apricot nectar aromas, again, suggest that the cool-climate region of Beechworth wasn't particulaly frigid in 2018.  That noted, it's a low alcohol expression of this blend.

It's an entirely different wine when sipped - ripe lemon pith and mandarin skins - a chalky, skinsy charm to it.

It has all of the nonchalant coolness of a natural wine, without having to forgive any faults.
Price: $36
Wine Category: White Blends
Rating: 95
Cellar: 2020-2024
Winery Website: