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The Vindependent - Nick Butler
16 April 2020

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Brokenwood, Trevena, Kindred Vineyard 2014

Having grown up in Sydney and, more importantly, having had the pleasure of judging at a few Hunter Valley WIne Shows, I'm a long-term lover of both young and aged Semillon.
Not only does it represent one of the truly unique wine styles of the world - it almost always represents exceptional value when compared to other more widely planted varieties.

Brokenwood's entry level semillon is a perennial bargain, while their "ILR Reserve" flagship deservedly sits in any true benchamarking line-up for the region's aged release wines.

2014 was a sensational Hunter vintage, especially for its whites, and Brokenwood took the opportunity to release this wine - combining two of its better vineyards, Trevena and Kindred, in a special semi-mature stage of its journey.

It's a lovely bright yellow in the glass - certainly retaining enough youthful energy.
Aromas of lemon essence and lanolin - there's toastiness too, albeit in a quiet voice - very much in tact.
When sipped, it affims that is has much more left to give.  Intense lemon fruit rolls off a confident core of acidity.  A distinct sense this is only just getting comfortable in its seat with a long drive ahead.  
Time in the glass does nothing to soften its resolve. 

While it's not a cheap wine, it offers exceptional value, especially if you have the patience to leave it alone for a decade.

A terrific and justified addition to the Brokenwood portfolio.
Price: $66
Wine Category: Semillon
Rating: 95
Cellar: 10+ years
Winery Website: