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The Vindependent - Nick Butler
16 April 2020

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Brokenwood, Pinot Noir - Indigo Vineyard 2019

The Indigo Vineyard in Beechworth has long been associated with Brokenwood. 

I've found pinot noir from Beechworth to be a fickle beast - ripeness the key ingredient.

The colour is rich enough - bright ruby red - transparent at the edges. 
The nose carries earth and compost; wild strawberries and rhubarb. So much spice; so hard to define. 
The palate is bright and driven by perfectly ripe fruit - uncluttered by oak. 
Nothing fickle at all, here. Dark cherries and wild strawberries - acidity in balance.

Kudos to the grape grower as much as the winemaker.
Price: $75
Wine Category: Pinot Noir
Rating: 93
Cellar: 6 years
Winery Website: