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Gilbert Labour
20 August 2021

Sapling Yard, The Curmudgeon Shiraz 2019

This quirkily named The Curmudgeon Shiraz [with 3% Viognier] is meant to "soothe the most archaic bad tempered miser!" as per the label.
However there is nothing quirky or miserly about the wine.

Finely crafted by winemakers Malcolm Burdett and Carlo Rodeghiero, this 2019 'The Curmudgeon' Sapling Yard Shiraz will probably prove to be the jewel in their portfolio.
Deep mulberry in colour, it is smoothly complex and already gracious in its delivery of sweet [13.5% Alc] and primary fruit savouriness.
The regional cool climate and terroir of the Lake George escarpment characteristics express white pepper, mixed spices and red currants in abundance.
The palate glide is long and smooth.
It is an Iron Fist in Velvet Glove of depth, concentration and texture.
Even at this early stage, it is almost a complete wine of its genre and will definitely add to the winemakers' medals and trophy collection

Price: $45
Wine Category: Shiraz
Rating: 19/20
Cellar: Up to 8 years
Winery Website: